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Welcome to EPUK
Most of us at elemental come from an acting background and are not professionaly trained, but we all have a passion for films so we learned how to use camera and sound equipment properly so that we could make our own.

Simon Farrell


Hi my name's Simon. 
Here at elemental I take a primary role as Production Manager alongside other members of the team. I have Written and Directed many of our projects so far and I hope to continue to do so in the future.

Although we love creating our own projects, we have worked and continue to work on several of other people's projects and ideas. These include Castings, Adverts, Events and Theatre performances.  
" I absolutley love what i do, and the people that choose to be a part of it.
"Your life is what you make it. so make it something good.
Jack Willis​
Hi my name's Jack. 
I have been a core member of the team for the last 2 years, working on several projects some of which I have Written and one that I have Directed. 
My job mostly consists of Production Management, which means I assist in the Planning and Preparation for our Projects.
I love being a part of the company, and being part of something that challenges me and my passion. I believe that you have a duty to chase your dreams and if you don't give up you will make it
​I see great things for us all in the future, and I know that we, as a team, can achieve great things.
Production Manager
Gareth Hart
Hi my name's Gareth.

I've not been with the team long, but I hope to get more involved in projects to come. 

I'm a big part of the creative process and I often lead ideas meetings with the rest of the creative team to produce new content and make sure we are moving forward in a direction that people want.

I can't wait to see where we are in the next few years, as I know we have some big things planned both in house and teaming up with other companies. 
Creative Manager
" its a great atmosphere, with people I get on with and all the proffessionalism of a industry standard set.
Nathan Storton
Hi my name's Nathan.
I'm a sound operator at elemental productions. It's always good working here because we all know one another and we're all professional on set.

I love it at the company because we get to go to places that we wouldn't normally go and see things that we wouldn't normally see.

It's always fun working on the next big project because we're creating something new every time.

 I see big things for the future and shooting more than just short films.
Sound Operator
"Humans need elements to survive, elemental needs humans to achieve.
Jess Pollard
Hi, I'm Jess.

I do the make up for Elemental Productions. 
When I'm not doing make-up, I help the guys out as an extra pair of hands or being a runner.

Past productions that I have worked on have been great and I feel quite proud of the work I've done.

Even if no make-up is needed I like to be there to show willingness and commitment to the company. In the future I hope that we do more short films and hopefully progress onto longer films, multiple episodes and sequels.
SFX & Make-up Supervisor
"I feel privileged to work with such a talented team.
Dylan Lomas
Hi i'm Dylan.

I enjoy being involved in the company as I get to put my creative skills to use. Each day is different with new ideas and experiences. It is exciting to see our ideas develop and I enjoy contributing to  bigger projects.

I am looking forward to moving on to bigger and better things for the team.
Creative Team
"I enjoy it because i get to put my creative skills to useeach day is never the same.
Saul Press
Hi name's Saul.

My role in the Company is mostly Assistant director, which consists of keeping on track with the scenes, helping set up and slating using the clapper board.
I've only done one project so far so I'm looking forward to take part in more projects in the future. It's good in the fact that my closest mates from college have set up a production company and want to make something out of it.

 In a few more years I hope we get offered a big job on the screen...  one day.
Creative Team
"you never know what's round the corner in the future!