​​If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an E-mail. We aim to reply within 24 hours.

We started Elemental back in 2012 for a Film that we were doing at the time. We wanted a production company that could fulfil our requirements for what we wanted to do. Eventually we decided that with no budget we should just make our own.
We continued to produce our own films and projects, some of which eventually found their way onto the internet.
We have continued to grow since the start accumulating more and more production gear, lights, sound equipment and camera rigs. We currently have a full HD professional set up ready for pretty much anything one would require for a Film production.
After a while of writing and producing our own films we made the decision to take on requests, which quickly grew into a money maker, and we found that with money from other people’s projects we could better our own.
We continue to please customers with our services, and we continue to better ourselves as we go. 

Our main goal is to tell stories. Stories that will make us laugh and cry and ultimately challenge and change people’s perspectives all around the world.

Sounds big right? Well, what started as big for us not 3 years ago has now become a reality, so as far as we can push ourselves we will. 

Today EPUK stands for dreams and realising potential in people and the ideas that people have. We live on creativity and we fuel each other’s passion, all to bring you, the audience, an unforgettable visual experience. 
Looking forward, we hope to grow as a company and as a team, welcoming more members that share the same passion that we do, so that we can continue to bring you bigger and better films for your entertainment. 

You, the viewer, are at the centre of our universe so if there is something we are doing wrong or something you enjoyed, be sure to let us know. We appreciate your support!